Friday, October 5, 2012


What can I say? Fall is upon us. When I think of fall, I picture mittens, sweaters, hot drinks in cute mugs, beautiful leaves, scarves…basically, coziness. It is never until fall begins that I realize for me it means the beginning of being chilly all the time and the start of another school year. I cannot recall the amount of times that I have whined to people about moving south!

Speaking of school, the first of October marked the beginning of a new journey for me. I have begun a 15 month, year-round (yes, that means no summer vacation) nursing school. If God continues to lead me in this direction, I will be an LPN at the beginning of 2014! I feel like I have already been in school forever and the thought of beginning again sends a nervous ache through my body. Yet, I have the promise that just as the Lord has every other year of my life- He will get me through it. Some have been harder than others, but His promises to “never leave or forsake” always remain. 

Watching my mom go through the difficulty of nursing school, made me decide I would never do it myself. That lasted long, huh?:) Here I am! I think seeing her on the other side and the reward it is to accomplish such a goal in life has altered my perspective. And I do not have three children to take care of (and like all kids, we were not always the easiest!). In spite of the struggle it will be at times, I am excited. I adore taking care of God’s children- especially those that are sick and hurting and just need someone to love them.

My first quarter consists of online classes, so I can still spend time doing wifey things before giving up more freedom. This is something I will miss for 2013. The question I am asked the most these days is: “How do you like married life?” So, to all of you who are wondering, I LOVE it! I really do. A wife and mom have always been the two things I was absolutely ecstatic to be. I think I was born to be both! As for the first one, I am so thankful that I get the privilege of being married to my husband. It truly is just that.

Honeymooners or not, we have our challenges. But they are all worth it! I love spending every day with my best friend (even if amongst our busyness, it is not as much time as we would like). We have so much fun together and were anticipating this time in our lives for a while! I love taking care of my own home: having space to clean, cook, enjoy life, and entertain more eventually. 

I deeply treasure this place I am at in the story the Lord has written for me. It is a rush of perspective when I stop to realize that I will never be in this exact place again. His love story with me and the one He has written for Joel and I are absolutely enchanting! Our God is the author of romance. For this and many, many other reasons- I love Him like crazy! And I choose to cherish all that He has for me in these moments.

Love to you all,

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