Friday, September 7, 2012

An Art to Beauty.

Hello world and welcome to my [thought] life,

I have always enjoyed creative writing and, in doing this, I hope to motivate myself to do more. Writing makes me happy, but without motivation [like an English class] I never participate outside of journaling. 
How I learned this: Last week, I sat on a bench lakeside writing down my thoughts to the Lord. The morning was so beautiful that I was inspired to document every single detail describing my surroundings. Oh, I was reminded how much I love this form of writing! He showed me in this time how easy it is to miss the beauty in the world. So much of what I see is corruption, that in the busyness of life- I fall short of experiencing all of what God has created for my [our] enjoyment. I want to commit to taking the time to not let moments of His splendor pass me by- but rather seek them out, acknowledging that there are surprises awaiting me around every corner. And so here I am…

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